We exist to connect
Finissage & Concert: 14.09.2017 – 19:00

We deeply believe in the connection of nature and humankind.
We are on this world to connect with nature and people, to exchange skills, to collaborate, to support and inspire each other.
When you realize this and let it flow beautiful things start to happen and creations develop naturally.
Fundamentally, we love to experiment.
A new creation is based on passion & creativity – this is our understanding of art.
Keeping true to our crew mentality we like collaborations with other artists…such as object & installation artists, musicians, visual artists and various creative visionaries.

WE EXIST TO CONNECT is a collaborative project of TAPE OVER & URBAN SCENTS
It is a combination of Tape Art and the Art of creating scents by Marie Le Febvre, which will be presented during the Vernissage.
Experience the symbiosis of URBAN ART & URBAN SCENTS and get inspired by analog tape art and sensual creations.

An international tape art crew established in Berlin since 2011.
Their tape art style includes elements of street art as well as urban art, and is characterized by its versatility and fine detail. What inspires them most – organic forms, abstract shapes, plain design, as well as visual statements.
Founded by LaMia Michna & Robert König, TAPE OVER is currently the biggest tape art crew worldwide.

As a family business, Urban Scents goes back to the roots of traditional perfume making as a craft and works uniquely with small suppliers that are specialists in their fields.
Urban Scents is run by Parfumeur Créateur Marie Le Febvre and her husband Alexander Urban, both passionate aviators

electro candy
once upon a time there were two fysh. very soon they discovered they were brother and sister, more specifically, brother and sister zander (= pike-perch). very happy about that they went for a nice long swim to talk about this and that and music. they swam into a shark’s mouth and ate all the kreat remnant music particles from the shark’s teeth – they departed somewhat satisfied but with bigger appetite. they taught themselves to blow their own electronic bubbles and played it for other people. sometimes they would use the bubbles of other cool fish, recycle it and put some of their own bubbles in it. some people got very excited about that. this type of relationship is called a symbiotic relationship. stereofysh blowing bubbles people happy stereofysh blowing more bubbles – people more happy. creationists would point out that these relationships clearly represent a design that could not have occurred by chance. evolutionists have a very difficult time explaining how these types of relationships could evolve with time. but these fysh, they dont care. they just do what they feel they have to do, smile and blow bubbles. thanks for sharing & enjoy. it’s for you. ..